Daisy Scarf Pattern

Hello, friends! It has been a while since I’ve published a pattern, but I just had to get my favorite scarf pattern, the Daisy Scarf, published for you all for Spring! It works great for all ages and climates. I hope it brings joy to you and those you make scarves for!


  • Two skeins of worsted weight yarn or cotton yarn. (I use I Love This Yarn from Hobby Lobby for most of my scarves.)
  • G Hook (4.25 mm)
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry Needle


  • You will have 11 “squares” per row
  • 12 Double Crochet per row
  • 11 Chain Stitchs per row
  • Chain 4 to begin each new row
  • 1 “square” = approximately half of an inch
  • Scarf measures approximately 6.25″ across


  • CS (Chain Stitch)
  • SC (Single Crochet)
  • DC (Double Crochet)
  • Ch 1, Skip 1, DC (Chain 1, Skip 1, Double Crochet)
  • St (Stitch)
  • Ch (Chain)


  • Ch 24
  • (Row 1) Skip 1st St & complete 22 SC along the ch.
  • (Row 2) Ch 4, Skip 1st SC & DC into 2nd SC from the ch, *Ch 1, Skip 1, DC* for 11 stitches of Ch 1, Skip 1, DC.
  • You will end with DC for a total of 12 DC, 11 CS. (11 “squares”)
  • (Rows 3 +) *Ch 1, Skip 1, DC* for 11 stitches of Ch 1, Skip 1, DC, chaining 4 to being each new row and ending each row by DC into the 2nd CS.
  • Repeat until you reach desired length.
  • I’ve listed length suggestions below.
  • Add two rounds of SC for border. Make sure to crochet 2 SC in each corner stitch to prevent corners from rolling.
  • Sew in ends with tapestry needle or add fringe if desired.

Length Suggestions:

Small Child: Complete 70 Rows

Child: Complete 80 Rows

Teen: Complete 95

Adult: Complete 105 Rows

*Complete 120 Rows if you would like the scarf to wrap completely around the neck and drape down the front of the body twice. Complete 140 rows for an extra long version.

Feel free to play around with the length! It’s very easy to add or subtract rows as needed.


Cotton Scarves are wonderful for Spring!

Chain 20 to make a skinny scarf!

For a patchwork look, use various colors or shades.

Make an Infinity Scarf by sewing or slip stitching the ends together.

Length Suggestions:

Small Child: 110 rows
Child: 120 rows
Teen: 130 rows
Small Adult: 140 rows
Large Adult: 155 rows


  • All photos are copyrighted. Do not use my photos for product listings under any circumstance.
  • Do not copy, share, sell or readjust pattern & claim as your own.
  • If you wish to share this pattern, please link back to this page.
  • You may sell products made from my patterns. I do ask that you credit my blog on your Etsy/websites as well as on all social media outlets by tagging me on Instagram @southerndaycrochet & on Facebook (Southern Day Crochet). Please use #southerndaycrochet for a chance to be featured on my Instagram as well! I love seeing your work!!


As always, thank you for taking the time to try my pattern!



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