No Sew Cape TutorialĀ 

My last minute attempt at creating a Halloween costume for Harper led me to create this blog post. I made a quick and easy, no sew cape to go along with her costume, & I thought some of you may want the instructions as well! If you want to make a fancy, well made cape.. this probably isnā€™t the best method. If you are like me and working last minute for a costume OR you want to make your babes a cape to use for dress up without spending loads of time & cash on it, this is definitely a project for you!


  • 1 yard of lightweight fabric. I chose black fabric as I made this cape as part of a Batman costume.
  • Liquid Stitch or some other form of fabric glue.
  • Ribbon. You will need approximately 67″/5.5ā€™
  • Scissors

Time: About 10-15 minuets + drying time for the fabric glue


  • Liquid Stitch: 2 oz at Hobby Lobby should be approximately $5.49. Fabric glue below was about $9.99 at Walmart and has lasted FOREVER. I used the same tube to make Harperā€™s cape for last years costume.
  • Fabric: I purchased my fabric on sale at Hobby Lobby for $3.99. Check Wal-Mart or JoAnns for affordable fabric as well!
  • Ribbon: I used “The Ribbon Boutique” from Hobby Lobby, $2.99.
  • Total cost because I already had scissors and glue: $6.98 (plus tax)


  • Lay fabric on flat surface.
  • Lay ribbon 2″ from the top of the fabric.
  • Apply fabric glue approximately 1″ below ribbon.
  • Fold top of fabric over ribbon so it reaches the glue. Make sure you arenā€™t glueing the ribbon to the fabric. Allow about 20 minuets to dry.
  • Gather fabric to center of the ribbon until it measures about 1-1.5 foot across.
  • Tie a knot and apply fabric glue to the ribbon so that the fabric stays in place.
  • Trim ribbon.
  • Allow 20 minuets to dry.
  • Thatā€™s it!


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