Nylon Headband Tutorial

I LOVE nylon headbands. In fact.. they’re all I use for myself & Harper as far as ponytail holders & headbands are concerned! They’re soft, cheap to make, don’t tangle as badly as some headbands & they provide a lose hold for our curls. I use them as a headband when I have my hair in a “mom bun” for a sporty look. I also use them to attach my crochet bows to. I’ve seen them used to attach various other bows to as well & used for flower crowns also! The possibilities are endless.


  • Nylon tights. Purchase the largest child size available. I’ve used adult panty hose, patterned tights I’ve found at boutiques as well as stores such as Gap & The Children’s Place. My favorite are George Tights from WalMart. If possible, purchase the 12-16 size. They were out of this size when I went to purchase, so I’m using the 7-10 size for this tutorial. A tip when purchasing tights: cotton tights do not work well. Make sure to buy tights with a nylon/spandex blend for best results.
  • Fabric Scissors


  • Begin by removing label & hanger.
  • Remove cardboard from the toe of the tights.
  • Cut toe portion off of the tights.
  • Moving up the tights, cut .5″ – 1″ sections all the way up to the bodice of the tights. You can cut smaller sections if you wish to get more headbands out of the tights.
  • Repeat on other leg of the tights.
  • Now, give each piece of the cut tights a gentle pull. They should fold back into a headband as shown below.​

  • Use the toe of the tights to make smaller ponytail holders (will not fit around head as a headband).
  • Discard the bodice.
  • That’s it! Each pair of tights generally makes about 25 headbands & 4-5 smaller ponytail holders if you cut the toe of the tights.
  • Attach desired bow if you wish! 

Please credit my blog if you use this tutorial to make your headbands. Tag me on Instagram (@southerndaycrochet) & Facebook (Southern Day Crochet). Use #southerndaycrochet for a possible feature! Question or comment? Please leave below or email southerndaycrochet@hotmail.com. Thanks for stopping by! Hope you all found this helpful!!


Kim 🎀


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