Southern Style Top Knot Pattern

Hi, friends! This tutorial includes instructions for the Southern Style Top Knot, sizes newborn-large adult. The best part about this top knot is that it is a simple Florence Turban with a separate piece of fabric that is used as the tie! I’ve found this method of creating the top knot look much easier than crocheting a long piece of fabric and tying it together.

I hope y’all enjoy!!


  • Worsted weight yarn (I used I Love This Yarn from Hobby Lobby)
  • G hook, 4.25mm (Boye is my go-to hook)
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry/Yarn needle

Time: About 45 minutes


  • chain stitch
  • slip stitch
  • single crochet (SC)
  • half double crochet (HDC)
  • double crochet (DC)


  • Bands will be snug on child’s head initially; however, there is a 2-3 inch stretch with wear over time. If you find the band too large or small, go up or down a hook or band size.


Band pattern:
To begin select desired size and chain the number listed beside it. Follow instructions below to complete the crochet band.

Newborn: Chain 46

0-3 Months: Chain 48

3-6 Months: Chain 53

6-9 Months: Chain 54

9-12 Months: Chain 56

12-18 Months: Chain 58

Toddler: Chain 60

Child: Chain 62

Teen/Small Adult: Chain 64

Large Adult: Chain 66

  • After chaining desired size, slip stitch into the first stitch and complete 10 ROWS of HDC (half double crochet).
  • I do not chain one before going into the next stitch.
  • I work continuously around the band as shown below.
  • For Newborn-3-6 Months, I complete 8 rows versus 10.
  • As a finishing touch, I add one row of single crochet to the last row of HDC. This is not necessary, but it helps make the band’s tension equal on both sides of the band.
  • Sew in ends.
  • Pinch center together, tie and wrap yarn around until secure.
  • Sew in the remaining ends.


Now to make the tie!

  • Chain 23.
  • Skip the first stitch, & DC into every stitch after that for a total of 22 stitches. (For a more tapperd look, HDC into the second and last stitch instead of using DC.)
  • After completing the row of DC, SC in each stitch around the tie using a slip stitch to finish the tie.
  • Sew in ends.
  • Tie around Florence Turban.

The cool thing about this style is that it can be converted back and forth between the turban and top knot style with little effort! šŸ™‚

  • All photos are copyrighted. Do not use my photos to sell or advertise your products.
  • Do not copy, sell or readjust pattern.
  • If you share this pattern, link directly back to
  • You may sell products made from my patterns. I do ask that you credit my blog on your Etsy/websites as well as on all social media outlets by tagging me on Instagram (Southern Day Crochet) & on Facebook (Southern Day Crochet). Please use #southerndaycrochet for a chance to be featured on my Instagram as well! I love to see your work!!

I hope you found this tutorial helpful & fun. Thank you for taking the time to check it out!



3 thoughts on “Southern Style Top Knot Pattern

  1. Hi! I love this headband! Can I ask do you just work continuously around in a spiral of HDC using a stitch marker as you go or do you slip stitch to join to the first HDC of each round?
    Thank you!


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